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Design and Build of Road Bridge at Teluk Lamong Port, Gresik-Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia - Case Study


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Project Summary
PT WIJAYA Road Bridge
As part of its National Strategic Program, the government of Indonesia initiated the IDR 1.3 trillion Teluk Lamong flyover bridge project to reduce severe traffic congestion along the road to and from the Lamong Bay Terminal in Surabaya, East Java. PT. Wijaya Karya (WIKA) was retained as the main contractor to provide detailed engineering design and construction for the 2.4-kilometer bridge. To overcome site constraints, avoid religious relics and ancestral tombs, and accommodate the one-year project deadline, WIKA needed to implement 3D BIM and reality modeling strategies.

To gain a better understanding of the site, WIKA conducted drone and topographic surveys and used ContextCapture and LumenRT to create an immersive reality mesh from the captured imagery, optimizing design strategies. Using LEAP, OpenBridge Modeler, and OpenBuildings Designer (formerly AECOsim Building Designer), WIKA built and analyzed intelligent 3D models to integrate with the reality mesh for construction simulation and sequencing. Working in a connected modeling environment using Bentley’s interoperable 3D design technology and ProjectWise as the collaborative platform provided WIKA with an integrated digital BIM solution, facilitating clash detection and enabling timely project delivery.

Using Bentley’s integrated BIM and reality modeling technology optimized collaboration and enabled the team to quickly detect clashes and avoid losses. Leveraging the inherent software capabilities to create accurate 3D models and automate bills of quantity saved up to two weeks for cut-and-fill calculations and reduced design time by 52 days. Compared to traditional 2D workflows, using Bentley 3D applications improved collaboration and work efficiency, allowing the team to complete detailed engineering design in 34 days.

WIKA used LEAP and OpenBridge Modeler to perform value engineering for the unique concrete and steel bridge design, accurately calculating production costs and accelerating the construction process, while maintaining quality. Integrating ProStructures facilitated conceptual and detailed design and improved cost estimation, scheduling, and 2D drawing production. ProjectWise and Navigator Mobile optimized information sharing and established a connected data environment for efficient project coordination, enabling the team to meet the one-year deadline.

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