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Design for remanufacturing: What performances can be expected?

The objective of this report is to supply a state of the art of remanufacturing in eco–design methods reverse supply chain management. These states of the art show that available methods of eco–design fail to take sufficient account of the remanufacturing potentialities because of the difficulty to consider products with multiple life cycles. They also show that RSC management and eco–design methods are rarely considered simultaneously. A case study on an espresso machine is conducted highlighting various dimensions of the remanufacturing problem. This paper points out the necessity for designers to have method to develop new concept of remanufacturable systems.

Keywords: ecodesign, design for remanufacturing, LCA, life cycle assessment, economic assessment, DfX, design for X, RSC, reverse supply chains, supply chain management, SCM, espresso machines, product design

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