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Design low losses 6/8 switched reluctance motor

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The magnetic circuit of the conventional 6/8 switched reluctance motor (SRM) is re-designed to minimise the losses. The flux loops are shortened by making each two stator teeth incorporated in one magnetic circuit only. Subsequently, the flux does not flow in all parts of the stator yoke. The unused iron sections do not produce iron losses. Now, the stator consists of three separated sections which are fixed inside a non-magnetic cylinder. The copper losses also are decreased because less copper windings are used to produce the same amount of the output torque as the flux paths become short then the flux density increases. Analysis and comparison of the 6/8 SRM before and after the re-design process are presented. MATLAB/Simulink software is used to simulate the dynamic performance.

Keywords: finite element, MATLAB, minimising losses, separated sections, near stator teeth, Simulink, switched reluctance motor, SRM

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