Design schematics for a sustainable parking lot


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

The project site for the proposed parking lot is located at Fort Bragg, NC, Build¬ing 2-2332 in the SW corner of the PWBC. Building 2-2332 is approximately 500 ft west of the Butner Road and Reilly Street intersection. The project site is mostly flat, with a slight slope of about 2 to 3 ft downward to the southeast. The project area east of the classroom is paved to accommodate the PWBC compound entrance. The PWBC compound is generally behind the classroom (north) and consists of several buildings and outdoor facilities such as wash and gear racks, fueling stations, and service vehicle parking. Traffic enters and leaves via the compound gate entrance at Butner Road. Traffic consists of large trucks (H-20 load), buses, and automobiles. The subgrade soils at the project site are moder¬ately conducive to water drainage as they are generally consist of slightly silty to silty sands with occasional seams of clayey sand.

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