DESMI OptiSave™ on board “Victoria Kosan”


Courtesy of DESMI A/S

DESMI OptiSave™ on board “Victoria Kosan”

39kW Sea Water cooling pumps equipped with DESMI OptiSaveTM. The Ship Owner Lauritzen has installed several OptiSaveTM systems which all have contributed to a relative large savings in energy consumption, and thus also fuel and money. All in the benefit for the ship owner.

The energy consumption as it would have been without the DESMI OptiSave™ solution is indicated by the red line.

Sea water temperature over the logged period is indicated with the green line.

And the energy consumption after the installation of the DESMI OptiSave™ solution is indicated by the blue line.
The achieved savings during the first 3 months of operation is shown in the example above.

From the energy calculation it can be seen that the total accumulated savings from the relatively
short period of time is 66% compared to the
energy used before the installation of DESMI OptiSave™.

These numbers are based on the actual readings made from the crew onboard.

The average sea water temperature is 23.5 °C. Lower temperature will generate more savings.

 “The project has been a great success. All parts of the project has been running smoothly and according to the plan and today four systems are installed on our ships and the fifth system will be installed in the autumn of 2012. I really must say that all the promised savings are actually as predicted. This brought us savings of 78 ton of fuel per ship per year and with today’s dollar exchange rate it will be around 300.000 DKK per year for each ship.
And the savings will be even bigger
- if we use gas oil.”

Carsten Routhe Johansen
from Lauritsen Kosan

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