DESMI ROTAN Pump in Lubrication Oil Blending Application


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Who dares wins!
DESMI Pumping Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Tianjin office won the order for 31 sets of PD pumps for CHEVRON Tianjin LOBP Expansion. The pumps are mainly used as base oil transfer/unloading pumps or additive transfer pumps. The competition was fierce, and we competed against five other gear pump manufacturers including Viking, Tuthill, Varisco, Daito and the local Botou Pump, while Chevron used Viking pump in the phase 1 project.

CTP (clear, teamwork and professional) are the keywords in our success: with the strong technical support from our industrial project sales team, we convinced the technical buyer (MAISONWORLEYPARSONS Engineering) by sharing our good reference and clear understanding of the process of a lubrication oil blending plant. With our local engineering and manufacturing facility in Suzhou, we assured Chevron about the best after service with the concept of DRRT (DESMI ROTAN Response Team), DESMI 48, and future genuine spare parts.

Our value-based price was 40% higher than that of the local Botou pump. However the honeymoon of the low price is sweet but short, and the painful nightmare of poor quality is bitter and lasts forever. Our price is also 5% higher than the one that Viking’s distributor finally offered to Chevron, but what Chevron buys from DESMI China is the genuine and original complete pump package instead of bare shaft pump from USA assembled by some blacksmith on the corner of a street.

Single mechanical sealed pumps are chosen for base oil duty, while for additive transfer we use soft packing pumps, with pump configuration being PD XXXEM-4U2B2 and PDXXXEDKL-4U22B.  Pump sizes range from size PD81 ~ PD201.

ROTAN pumps have been used for many years for this application as they have fine NPSHr values and are able to handle high viscosities. Further the capacity variation is very low if you change pressure and/or viscosity. Thus the pumps are easy to control and in some applications they are used as batch dosing units, as they repeat the dosed amount within ± 2%, pumping through the same pipe system at a constant viscosity.
The end user expects maintenance-free pump service for 7-8 years in oil blending applications; therefore the initial pump selection is very important. The speed of the pump, the NPSH value, and the viscosity range of the different base oils and additives are crucial factors.

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