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DESWAT project in Romania


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Romania has a wide-area stream network which is of great importance for the drinking water supply of the population. In order to enable timely precautions for the protection of the drinking water supply and the ecosystem in case of limit values being exeeded, an early warning system is projected.

In the past few years, Romania had to cope with massive flooding. Therefore the existing measurement stations
need to be modernised as there are hardly any stations with electronic data logging or data transmission. A
comprehensive control system with permanent water level measurement (alarm function) is absolutely essential to improve flood forecasts.

The answer to the problem came in 2005 when the DESWAT Project (DEStructive WATers) was brought into being, financed by an international credit. OTT MESSTECHNIK has been awarded the contract for supply and installation of 875 measurement stations, 67 of which were equipped with Hydrolab MS5 multi parameter probes for the measurement of water quality parameters.


  • Permanent monitoring of water quality at locations with high importance for the drinking water supply and/or the ecosystem
  • Automatic and reliable data transmission
  • Alarm function in case of limit values being exeeded
  • Software for visualisation, evaluation and processing of measurement data with integrated database function
  • Water quality monitoring as integral part of a DESWAT-standard measurement station
  • Maintenance friendly and durable technology combined with easy installation


  • Supply and installation of 625 measurement stations, 67 of which equipped with Hydrolab MS5 multiparameter probes
  • The following parameters are measured: DO (Clark- Cell), pH, conductivity, ammonia, temperature
  • Stations are equipped with OTT data loggers type LogoSens2
  • The data transmission is realised via the customer’s radio network (MDS) and backed up by data transmission via GSM modems (Siemens)
  • Data is collected in intervals of 10 minutes and transmitted in variable intervals ranging from 20 minutes to 12 hours (event driven)
  • Additional alarms in case of limit values being exceeded are programmed
  • Most stations are collecting also waterlevel-, airtemperature- and precipitation data
  • Tailored to the individual needs the stations are run by solar or mains power
  • The OTT solution includes the software Hydras 3, featuring a database function and automatic data import for the visualisation and processing of measurement data


  • Complete OTT system integration from one source
  • On-site evaluation of measurement spots and applicable sensors by OTT experts previous to installation
  • Flexibility thanks to standard solution - all components can be exchanged between the different stations
  • Installation by OTT expert team in Romania
  • Training and customer support on location by OTT
  • Individual configuration and limit value control with alarm for every station
  • Reliable data logging and transmission
  • Maintenance friendly installation

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