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Detectable Metals with AMDS REX Analysis - Periodic Chart

This chart provides a look at the levels of trace metals that AMDS's REX can detect with in a nominal 1 hour period.  It's legend lists the filters combinations and level of detection from ppm to ppb. Real-time detection allows immediate intervention on a time scale of 10-20 measurements per day:

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  1. By Lynn Essman on

    I hope this chart is readable to the audience. Currently REX can provide the analysis of seventy-six (76) metal and near-metal elements. REX can do this at the site of interest, in-situ, with no operator in the loop. REX is self calibrating, and requires NO-expendables. It can function autonomously, or via a communications path under control. It has the ability to control up to seven (7) external control activities. Turning on or off remote valves, gates, starting other external control functions for in-process systems.