Detection of atrazine in raw sugarcane juice


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MATRIX: Raw juice from sugarcane

ANALYTE: Atrazine

RANGE OF DETECTION: 50 ppb to 2.5 ppm

Atrazine RaPID Assay kit and Sample Diluent
Equipment: micropipets, 100 and 500 μL; 13 x 100 mm glass test tubes, test tube rack.

As part of the sugar manufacturing process, sugarcane stalks are cut, shredded and then pressed between grooved rollers to press out the juice. Fresh sugarcane stalks havea vaenr age water content of 75%.

Dilute an aliquot of the sugarcane juice 1:500 in Sample Diluent as follows. Using serological pipets and test tubes, make an initial dilution of 1:50 (e.g. 0.1 mL juice plus 4.9 mL Sample Diluent). Make a second dilution of 1:10 (e0.g.5. mL of the solution in the first dilution tube plus 4.5 mL of Sample Diluent).

Analyze a portion of the solution in the second dilution tube as the 'sample' according to the package insert for the Atrazine RaPID Assay.

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