Detection of chlordane in water


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MATRIX: Water (surface, ground and drinking)

ANALYTE: Chlordane

RANGE OF DETECTION: 2.0 to 60.0 ppb

EnviroGard Chlordane in Soil Test Kit (Item #73110) Methanol (pesticide grade) Glass vials with teflon lines caps

Water samples should be collected in glass vessels with teflon cap liners and should be analyzed as soon as possible after collection, to minimize adsorptive losses.

The EnviroGard Chlordane in Soil Test Kit calibrators may be conveniently used to test for Chlordane in water. The calibrators supplied with the soil kit are labeled 20 ppb, 100 ppb and 600 ppb. Because of the 1:2 extraction that occurs in extracting soil, the calibrators actually contain 10 ppb, 50 ppb and 300 ppb of chlordane. To use these calibrators in a water assay, 50 mL of each calibrator will be added to 250 mL of distilled water in the assay tubes. This results in a 5X dilution of the calibrators. The final Chlordane in water calibrator levels therefore are 2 ppb, 10 ppb and 60 ppb.

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