Detection of chlorpyrifos on whole oats


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MATRIX: Whole grain oats

ANALYTE: Chlorpyrifos

RANGE OF DETECTION: 15 ppb to 204 ppb

Chlorpyrifos RaPID Assay and Chlorpyrifos Sample Diluent. RaPID Prepä Soil Collection Kit. Reagents: methanol (pesticide grade). Equipment: 13x100 mm glass test tubes; 5.0 mL serological pipet, precision pipet capable of delivering 100 mL.

EXTRACTION FILTRATION: Refer to the Soil Collection Kit package insert for detailed sampling and filtration instructions.

Weigh 10 grams whole oats into the collection tube. Add 20 mL of methanol to the collection tube and replace the screw cap (without the filter). Shake vigorously for one minute. Remove the screw cap and attach the filter cap. Attach the plunger rod to the collector tube. Invert the tube so that the luer cone is positioned over a collection vial. Allow a few seconds for the extract to wet the filter and to allow the filtrate to drip through the filter into the luer cone. Apply slight pressure to the plunger handle and fill the vial with the extract. Cap the vial. (The extract should be filtered within 10 minutes of adding the methanol.)

Transfer 100 mL of the filtrate to a glass test tube containing 3.3 mL Chlorpyrifos Sample Diluent. Analyze a 250 mL aliquot of this mixture as 'sample' according to the instructions in the Chlorpyrifos RaPID Assay.

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