Detection of PAH IN WATER using the ensys test system


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MATERIALS: Ensys PAH Risc Soil Test Kit. Methanol (ACS Reagent Grade). Deionized water. Equipment: Ensys Field Accessory System.


Follow procedures are outlined in the Ensys PAH Risc Test Kit User’s Guide
1. Skip Steps 1a through 3d.
2. Proceed with steps 4a through 4c.
3. Skip steps 4d- 4e in the Sample and Standard Preparation procedure (Phase 2).
**Dilution of the samples (in dilution ampoules) will not be performed for this procedure.
4. Replace steps 4f through 4h with the following:
A. Transfer 75 uL of the water sample to a blue buffer tube.
B. Transfer 75 uL of clean methanol to the same buffer tube. Your sample is now prepared.
C. Repeat for additional samples being tested.
5. Starting with Step 4i, prepare standards as outlined in the User’s Guide. Then add 75 uL of deionized water to each standard buffer tube and proceed with the remainder of the protocol as directed.

Follow procedure in the “Interpretation” section of the Ensys Petro Risc Soil Test Kit User’s Guide to select the conservative standard:
Measure the sample in the following manner:
1. Place the sample tube in the right well of the photometer and record the reading.
2. If the photometer reading is 0 or negative, PAH’s are present at a level higher than 15 ppb total PAH.
3. If the photometer reading is positive, PAH’s are present at a level lower than 15 ppb total PAH.

Do not use reagents or components from one test kit with reagents or components from another test kit. Do not use the test kits beyond the expiration date. Store at less than 80 degrees F and run procedure out of direct sunlight.

EXPECTED RESULTS: See U.S. EPA SW-846 Method 4035 for PAH analysis in soil.

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