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Determinants of residential heating preferences in Slovenia

Slovenian National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP, 2008) proposes a set of measures in order to achieve the efficient use of energy, which is seen as an important component of sustainable economic development. As one of the adopted instruments aims at promoting the installation of energy–efficient heating systems, this paper investigates the factors that influence the residential heating preferences of Slovenian households. We found that the choice of residential heating type can be well explained by the location and dwelling characteristics. To somewhat lesser extent, preferences for certain heating type are also influenced by several socio–demographic and economic characteristics of households. In the future the introduction of financial incentives followed by awareness–raising campaigns and provision of relevant information could play an important role in stimulating sustainable energy use of Slovenian households.

Keywords: residential heating, energy efficiency, sustainability, household preferences, multinomial logit model, Slovenia, heating preferences, sustainable economic growth, sustainable economy, sustainable energy use

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