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Determination of Ammonia and Nitrogen


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Customer: CAE Grand Ouest, France

CAE is a laboratory of the Veolia Group located in Western France. The laboratory is specializing in environmental analysis, especially in water and soil analysis.

Application: Determination of Ammonia and TKN in waste water and soil

Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) and Ammonia are common parameters for the evaluation of the pollution of soil and water. The samples require digestion with sulfuric acid to convert nitrogen into ammonium sulfate. After conversion to ammonia through alkalization with sodium hydrox¬ide the ammonia is distilled into a boric acid receiver via steam distillation, followed by a titration with a sulfuric acid solution.

Equipment: KjelMaster K-375 with KjelSampler K-377, Digest Automat K-438 and Scrubber B-414

The determination of ammonia and TKN is a routine analysis. To cope with a sample load of up to 120 samples a day the equipment used must be fully automated. The complete system com-prising the Digest Automat K-438, the KjelMaster K-375 and the KjelSamper K-377 allows to reduce user interaction during analysis to a minimum. This frees up a lot of time and maximizes the productivity of the laboratory.

Benefit/Conclusion: Time Saving

The sample transfer based on steam overpressure is extremely convenient and helps to de-crease maintenance time. The compatibility of the K-438 rack with the 48 position autosampler K-377 as well as the potentiometric and colorimetric titration mode of the K-375 are real advan-tages compared to competitor systems. The autosampler guarantees a continuous

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