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Determination of Consolidation Properties for Very Soft Clay


A finite strain consolidation test with a constant surcharge to determine the compressibility (e - s') and permeability (e - k) relationships of very soft clay is proposed. The method uses Gammarays and pore pressure transducers to measure density and pore pressure profiles, respectively, at various times of the test without hindering the consolidation process. The constant surcharge applied accentuates the changes in density and pore pressure profiles enabling them to be measured reliably. These profiles are then used to determine the compressibility and permeability of the soft clay. A test is carried out to extract these properties, which are used in a finite strain consolidation theory to predict the settlement, void ratio, and pore-pressure distributions of other tests done under different initial and boundary conditions. The predictions are found to agree well with the experimental data, thus suggesting that the properties determined are accurate.

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