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Determination of protein in wheat flour samples - Case Study


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Customer: Grain Quality Testing Laboratory, PARC, Pakistan

GQTL is a part of Pakistan Agriculture Research Council under the Federal Ministry of Food Security and Research, Govt. of Pakistan. The laboratory is involved in R&D and testing activities related to grain quality and contaminant residues by means of validated instruments.

Application: Protein in wheat flour

Protein in wheat fl our is considered to be one of the signifi cant parameters determining the end use quality of wheat fl our. Frequently, the protein content is measured by means of NIR. However, the use of these instruments largely depends on the demand of the customer as NIR is an empirical technique and requires calibration by means of a reference technique like Kjeldahl.

Equipment: AutoKjeldahl Unit K-370

The AutoKjeldahl K-370 performs the distillation and titration steps for protein analysis fully automated. The Digestion Unit K-435 is used to digest the samples prior to distillation, and hazardous fumes of acidic nature are safely absorbed in the highly alkaline solution of the Scrubber

Benefit / Conclusion: Time saving and better recovery

The AutoKjeldahl Unit, combined with the Digestion Unit and the Scrubber is a complete solution for the needs of the GQTL. The system has low maintenance costs, and the high degree of automation leads to lower personnel costs as well.

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