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Determination of TOC in stack through the innovative FID analyser easy to carry - Case Study

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The industrial chimney's emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are becoming issues of global importance and to have an accurate knowledge about how to test VOC turns into a strategic issue. VOC emissions are quantified and monitored according to standard EN 12619, using FID analyzer which uses hydrogen and other reference gases in pressurized cylinder. Operators must then approach the sampling point, often placed several meters from the ground, climbing chimneys of industrial settlements with instruments and cylinders.

Is it possible making this job easier and safer?


Using the Polaris FID analyser produced by Pollution Srl, Italy, it is possible to carry out the VOCs monitoring according to EN 12619 without lifting accessories and heavy weights typically involved with FID analyser.

So far, the portability of such analyzer was a feature of FID designed for fugitive emissions from valves, flanges, gaskets, pumps or compressors monitoring. Moreover, when VOCs are measured in chimneys according to EN 12619, the analyser must be much more robust and fully heated to 180°C, leading to increase in size and weight.

Polaris FID analyser complies with this standard regulation but what is really a breakthrough and cutting-edge, is the unmatched portability and the next generation technology.

On the other hand, Polaris FID is a new concept and incorporates into chassis these important features: two rechargeable batteries that  last more than three hours; a zero air cylinder for 10 hours of continuous measurement; a span gas cylinder useful for tens calibrations and, last but not least, an advanced metal hydrides cartridge for hydrogen storage to fuel the flame detector. However, the hydrogen source is not the ordinary pressurized cylinder but a small steel cartridge that weighs only 500 grams and which allows to store hydrogen for 30 hours of continuous measurements. Furthermore, as hydrogen is chemically bonded to a special metal alloy inside the cartridge, there is no risk of leakage and explosion: hydrogen cylinder will not be a concern anymore.

In conclusion, the Polaris FID incorporates in just 13 kg and in a compact body everything needed for measuring campaign, making the best choice for the operators who have to climb on chimneys of industrial settlements easily and safely.

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