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Determine What Water Treatment Equipment is Best for You

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Why do I need a water treatment specialist? Wont some equipment from the store work just fine?

When it comes to water treatment there is no turnkey solution that works for all water sources. The water that is supplied changes throughout the planet while also changing with the seasons. So there may be a setup in New York that works really well on their water source but it might not work well in California. Each water treatment system needs to be adjusted for based on the water that will be processed within the system. So if we want to find the perfect equipment to process our water we need to find a way to figure out what’s in the water. This is where a water sample should be obtained and sent in for analysis.

City Water vs Well Water?

A water analysis is important so a water treatment professional can assist you in what you need to do to treat your water. When it comes to your water sources, the two most common are well water and city water. When people are not in largely populated areas with no good way of getting city water, they usually have to use well water from their land. Well water is more cost effective as it is being obtained from land the customer owns. However, since water is a universal solvent it will obtain particles and compounds it comes into contact with. So as you can imagine, when you have a large well underground it will dissolve minerals, salts, and many other materials in the ground. Depending on where you live the composition of what’s in your well water depends on the ground beneath your feet. It also depends on what else can get into the water from nearby areas. We have all heard stories of ground water and well water being tarnished by chemicals from nearby businesses. So it is good to ensure your water is safe for consumption. This can be done by obtaining a water sample and sending it to your water treatment professional. He can tell you what you need to get the best water for your home or business.

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