Devastation hits Japan

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Without a doubt, you will have, at some point this weekend, been glued to your TV screens watching images, video clips and listening to the disaster as it unfolds in Japan. The earthquake was the biggest to hit Japan, measuring 8.8, causing widespread destruction. The environmental impact of such a disaster will have catastrophic consequences for the country.

There are thousands of earthquakes each year but only a few cause damage as serious as this. Environmental and natural disasters such as these are unpreventable however there is a lot that contingency planners can do to minimise damage and loss of life.  

To develop awareness and understanding of environmental and natural disasters or events that could impact your business, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, BS OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management and BS 25999 Business Continuity will all help to create a framework of support for your business through any unexpected issues, providing resilient solutions and awareness leading to best practice.

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