Developing a Carbon Strategy

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Business leaders are being barraged with ‘facts’ about climate change.  With so much information and so little history, executives are trying to examine the problem and make critical decisions that will have the most significant ramifications on the future of their organization. Within some sectors, these decisions could prove to be the most important of their tenure. Organizations of all sizes are trying to decipher through the facts, propaganda and ‘greenwashing’ to develop an effective business strategy.  Needless to say, this is not the ideal situation to make good business decisions. 

By now most executives have heard of, and have some understanding of the carbon market.  Examples of previous cap-and-trade systems and the European experience have led most North American businesspeople to believe that a similar system will be implemented here- it is simply a question of when.  Unfortunately, for many organizations this is the point where knowledge stops and speculation and inaction begins.  Not only do companies not know what to do, they don’t know who in the organization should do it, so they defer to business as usual.  If questioned, most executives will tell you that they are waiting to see what the regulations will look like, in reality they are walking with blinders on.

For the sanguine executive, all problems are disguised opportunities.  In order to steer your company on the right path away from the pitfalls of the carbon market, you need to develop and implement an effective carbon strategy.  Below is a five point step-by-step process to help you do so.

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