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Development and promotion of clean technology


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Adoption of Cleaner technologies and Cleaner Production Strategies were adopted to provide a balance between development & Environment through economic benefits by way of increased resource efficiency, innovation and reduced cost for environmental management.

• Under the scheme details of various ongoing projects are given as under:-

Recycling of Marble Slurry:
Under the ongoing project “Manufacture of Bricks and Tiles from Marble Slurry,” Indian Environmental Society, New Delhi have set up two demonstration units at Udaipur and Rajsamand Districts of Rajasthan, with the aim of utilizing marble slurry wastes arising out of marble cutting and processing. Based on the successful demonstration of technology at the above two locations, the project proponents have set up brick and tiles manufacturing unit utilizing stone slurry at Kota also. Awareness workshops were also organized to promote the usage of bricks made out of marble slurry.

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