Development of PSO-based robust controller for maximising wind penetration

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In this paper, a new robust controller has been proposed for attaining the maximum safe instantaneous wind penetration. Particle swarm optimisation (PSO)-based algorithm has been developed to obtain the maximum safe instantaneous penetration by the optimisation of grid parameters. The developed algorithm has been tested on modified IEEE 14-bus system. The effectiveness of the proposed methodology has been shown in terms of maximum instantaneous safe wind energy penetration limit, in percentage and also maximum safe bus loading point, explicitly beyond which system drives into instability.

Keywords: wind power generation, wind penetration, power system modelling, robust control, Weibull distribution, renewable energy technology, particle swarm optimisation, PSO, wind energy, safety


International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology (IJRET)

IJRET seeks to promote and disseminate knowledge of all the various topics and technologies of different renewable energy resources.

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