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Development of the Odour Impact Model as a regulatory strategy

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To protect residents of a community surrounding a stationary odorous source from regular odorous episodes, regulatory agencies must have an objective basis for establishing regulations that recognises the needs of both the citizens and the offending industry. Current odour regulations based on statutory nuisance laws or the dilution to threshold principle do not meet the requirements of an effective regulatory strategy. The Odour Impact Model represents a significant improvement on current regulations by incorporating the effects of odour hedonics into estimates of the impact of odorous emissions on surrounding communities. This allows odours to be judged not only in terms of the quantity of the emission but also, just as importantly, its quality. Before the Odour Impact Model can be implemented as a regulatory strategy, several changes are suggested to make it a better measure of the reactions of the general population to any specific odour.

Keywords: odour impact model, annoyance, odour hedonics, impact, odour regulations, odorous emissions, smells

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