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Development strategies and prospects for Taiwan's R&D service industry

The purpose of this paper is threefold: first, we analyse the current status of Taiwan's R&D service industry, illustrating its importance for upgrading and transforming Taiwan's industry. Second, we introduce Taiwan's government policy measures to promote the R&D service industry, which should be given priority. Third, we provide policy recommendations for further development of the R&D service industry. In terms of production value, employment and exports, Taiwan's R&D service-industry development is at a very early stage. Therefore, government involvement and assistance to promote its growth is advisable. Based on a survey of 40 experts, our empirical study shows that Taiwan's R&D service industry, such as industrial-technology forecasting, industrial-information analysis, industrial-design service, intellectual-property packaging, added-value, appraisal, inter-mediation and trading are critical in terms of industrial linkage and that these have a strong impact on the economy. Its development, therefore, should be given top priority. Meanwhile, venture capital, incubating services, IC-design services and CRO are of secondary importance. Based on the influence and development pattern, the R&D service industry will become a driving force for the further growth of the manufacturing industry in Asian countries. Therefore, the government should play a more supportive role to promote it through policies such as education, financial capital and technological infrastructure provision.

Keywords: R&, D service industry, knowledge-based service industry, Taiwan, research and development, government policy, technology forecasting, industrial design, intellectual property, Asia, manufacturing industry, education, finance, technological infrastructure

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