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Development Trend of Automatic Solder Paste Screen Printing Machine


Cleaning part All automatic solder paste screen printing machine adopt dry cleaning, wet cleaning and vacuum cleaning. Automatic solder paste screen printing machine should take on the role of automatic cleaning of steel mesh to ensure printing quality. With the development of SMT, the gap is small and the speed is fast. There are many tips on PCB, even tin has a great relationship with cleaning. The quality of the product is directly related to the quality of the automatic cleaning. Only by improving the cleaning function can the production speed be realized, that is, the high efficiency of production. GKG made significant improvements in cleaning in 2006. Independent cleaning mechanism, new cleaning concepts, including the vacuum adsorption system of large-scale exhaust fan, more uniform alcohol injection system, more efficient cleaning methods, can achieve FinePitch printing benign and sustainable.
3. Snap-off mode The quality of demoulding directly affects the printing effect. Generally, the automatic visual solder paste printing machine has two demoulding methods: (1) scraper first, then demoulding, which is widely used, mainly simple PCB board; (2) demoulding first, scraper first, using thinner PCB board, etc. 
Three demoulding methods are specially designed for different types of PCB demoulding requirements, which are suitable for PCB boards with different tin requirements. 1) First scraper, then demoulding; 2) first demoulding and then scraper; 3) The scraper is detached first, and the pre-pressure value is maintained, then the mould is demoulded. Specially designed for 0.3BGA and small space demoulding degree to prevent tipping, mesh blocking, less tin, etc.
Image location section The quality of image location depends on the location algorithm, which is also one of the core algorithms of automatic solder paste screen printing machine. With the production efficiency of PCB board getting higher and higher, the electronic components on PCB board are getting smaller and smaller, which requires higher positioning accuracy and speed. At present, most of the automatic solder paste screen printing machine localization algorithms on the market are based on image gray level, through autocorrelation matching to achieve.

For copper-coated sheets with good surface uniformity, the gray algorithm can perform the function of automatic positioning well. However, the emergence of more and more tinplate, gold plate and flexible PCB board has brought great challenges to gray level positioning. Because of tin plating, the surface uniformity of gold plated sheet is not very good and the reflectivity is high, which makes the image brightness of Mark point on PCB board differ greatly, and increases the false detection rate and missed detection rate of gray positioning. Because of the poor smoothness of the surface of the flexible board, the image of Mark points on PCB will also have the problem of big difference in brightness, and will change the size and shape of Mark points. These problems are difficult to overcome based on gray-level location algorithm. Geometry-based localization algorithm can well adapt to these problems.

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