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Dewatering of Mineral Particles Out of Process Water - Case Study


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Previous situation:

Continuously Dewatering 4,5 m3 process water out of a decanter with an average dry solid content of 1% in 1 m3 bags.

  • Pour dewatering efficiency and flow rate
  • Labour intensive handling of 1 m3 bags
  • Labour intensive changing of filling line from one bag to the other
  • Not all solids captured into 1 m3 bags and still polluted water discharged to sewage system


Realize a more efficient and less labour intensive dewatering system that can be easy hauled away.

Project testing and preparation:

Before the project was implemented a series of tests have been carried out together with the polymer supplier to achieve a good flocculation of the solids in the waste water. Based on this input a hanging bag has been carried out to achieve the input figures for further calculations to determine the amount of needed bags and time a bag would be able to operate.

After all the tests the project could be further defined for a pilot set-up.

Proposed Pilot set-up:

Twin TenCate Geotube MDS system with a capacity of 20 m3 each dewatered sludge with a continuously polymer dosing system. The installation was installed and fully operational within 6 hours. Installing of the TenCate Geotube MDS in the roll on/roll off container including the insertion of the filling hose takes only 15 minutes with 2 operators


The first TenCate GeotubeE MDS dewatered directly after starting filling the tube and dewatering efficiencies were reached from > 99,7 % removal of dry solids and > 95 % of water flow during filling. The first TenCate Geotube MDS was filled for almost 160 hours with a flow of 4,5 m3/hr before the filling was switched over to the second container. After 72 hours a dry solid content was reached of > 40%. The first container was filled with sludge for another 45 hours which brought the total filling hours on 205 hours and a total filled volume of approx. 925 m3.

The container was left for another 72 hours to dewater before it was hauled away. The total weight of the dewatered material that was hauled away in one TenCate GeotubeE is 18 Ton with a dry solid content of 43%

The total saving of labour costs is estimated on 40 Hours per TenCate Geotube MDS

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