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Dewatering project in Almeirim (Portugal) - case study


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TenCate Geosynthetics has supplied TenCate Geotube® containers for a dewatering project in Almeirim (Portugal), which involves the removal and dewatering of organic sludge. This first project in Portugal is the result of cooperation between TenCate Geosynthetics, Ashland Hercules Water Technologies and Geosin, the local partner.

TenCate Geosynthetics and Ashland Hercules Water Technologies are working closely together to bring integrated dewatering solutions based on TenCate Geotube® and polymers on to the market. TenCate supplies the dewatering system and supports customers at home and abroad in setting up the installation.

The project related to the removal and dewatering of 12,500 m³ of organic sludge from two storage basins for a major producer of fruit juices. The production process releases residual water with organic waste, and this sludge is stored in two basins. For years TenCate Geosynthetics has been world leader when it comes to dewatering sludge from lagoons. Dewatering of 100% organic sludge is no easy matter using conventional techniques, but the TenCate Geotube® technology offers various advantages for such a process. It is a cost-effective solution with minimal impact on the environment; large quantities can be processed in a relatively short time; and minimal manpower is required.

That the project led to highly satisfied faces is thanks to TenCate Geotube®, the polymer technology, the selected approach (training local people) and the sound choice of partner to secure small-scale projects of this kind and see them through to a good conclusion. The right dose of polymers in combination with the selected TenCate Geotube® container is crucial.

Environmental dredging is an attractive niche in the dredging market. The project in Portugal is not an isolated case. A project of the same kind is being set up in Hungary with UTB Hungary and Ashland. In addition projects are slowly getting off the ground in various other European countries.

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