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Deyang Zero liquid discharge project


Process: 2 stages DTRO + HPRO+Vacuum Evaporation+ Solidification 

Water quality: The characteristics of the aged leachate processed by this project are: high ammonia nitrogen, high salt content, poor biodegradability, high sulfide content, high hardness, etc., using the traditional 'biochemical + double membrane method' to produce water with low recovery rate and large concentration Liquid refilling the garbage pile causes the leachate salt concentration to become higher and higher, and the difficulty of treatment is increasing year by year.

Project Features:

1. The system's recovery rate is high, and the overall recovery rate can reach 95%;

2. The equipment has high operating stability, adopts the process of combining DT and Vacuum Evaporation, and has strong anti-fouling capabilities;

3. The effluent water quality is stable to meet or exceed the standard in Table 2 of the 'Landfill Pollution Control Standard for Domestic Waste' GB16889-2008;

4.  The operating cost is low, the high-efficiency vacuum evaporation and condensation method is adopted, the whole operating temperature is 35-45℃, and the processing energy consumption is greatly reduced;

5.  High degree of system integration, high degree of automation, small footprint and low civil investment.

6. No odor overflow, evaporation using negative pressure environment, and low processing temperature, low odor overflow rate throughout the process, and standard with deodorization system, no secondary pollution.

7. No concentrated liquid recharge, all produced water is discharged in accordance with the standards, a small amount of solid waste is landfilled on site, salts do not accumulate in the garbage dump, and the full amount of leachate is treated.

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