DHL logistics campus ground water protection case study


Courtesy of NAUE GmbH & Co.KG

When the massive logistics campus in Unna begins operations in the near future, it will change the face of the region. Approx. 350 people will be working in the massive 90,000 square meter hall helping two million pallets annually get to their proper destination. The facility requires proper safeguards especially with regards to chemical materials.

The leading international logistics company DHL Exel Supply Chain designed the new logistics center specially for industrial companies from the cosmetics industry. The personal care and hygiene products that will be stored and transported from there are certainly beneficial for your skin, but they certainly have no business in our drinking water, i.e. groundwater. For this reason, special environmental specifications were applied to the construction of the Unna logistics campus.

For example, there is a three millimeter thick Carbofol® geomembrane under the trafficable, reinforced concrete through which only the most minimal amount of liquid can pass. And the same is true for the entire 90,000 square meter warehouse space. The company TAT Abdichtungstechnik Troisdorf GmbH did a clean and professional job of welding the German DIBt-certified Carbofol® geomembrane into place. Regulatory agencies have very high requirements for these kinds of geomembranes. The German Certification Institute for Construction Engineering (DIBt) has approved the Carbofol® 509 used in Unna as a sealing element and recognized it as especially well-suited for sealing chemical storage facilities, fuel service stations, containment basins, building seals, tank farms, container surfaces as well as chemical production facilities. A Secutex® protective nonwoven which separates the soil from the sealing liner is used to protect the Carbofol® geomembrane liner from the subgrade.

The sealing system selected for the new DHL logistics campus is state-of-the-art and meets all requirements and specifications for long-term groundwater protection, making it easy to say: “The groundwater in Unna is safe.”

Year of construction: 2008
City / Country: Unna/Germany
Installed products:
Carbofol® 509 90,000sqm
Secutex® 90,000sqm

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