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Diageo, Elgin, Scotland Project - Case Study


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Major floods hit the city of Elgin in the north-east of Scotland in 1997, 2000, 2002 and 2004. Despite funding being promised for a £90m government-funded scheme, those responsible for the operation of the regional headquarters of Diageo decided that they could not wait 10-15 years, and were not prepared to wait for another flood to disrupt their business.

After finding a lack of high quality accredited products General Manager Patricia Barclay commissioned the installation of BSI Kitemark PAS1188-1:2003 accredited Floodguards. These required the installation of back-frames to each doorway but meant that the staff, even when under the stress of night time responses to flood warnings, would be able to deploy their flood barriers quickly, safely and predictably.

In September 2009 a major depression sat over Elgin and the catchment of the River Lossie producing a rain event exceeding the major flood of 2003. The Floodguards were deployed and the no damage was suffered. And despite the construction of the flood scheme Floodguards continue to be retained and utilised.

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