Environmental Management Unit (EMU) SIDA. Sindh, Pakistan

Diagnostic review of Kotri drainage circle under NDP

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Courtesy of Environmental Management Unit (EMU) SIDA. Sindh, Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country having highest population growth rate of about 3% per annum that requiring the increasing water demand year by year. The demand of water consumption can be coped with modernization of irrigation system through integrated Resources Management and support agricultural modernization for the sustainable development, socially, environmentally and economically.

Pakistan is bestowed with the largest integrated irrigation network in the world. This makes Pakistan essentially an agricultural-based country and, therefore, its economy largely depends on the irrigation system. Surveys carried out from time to time indicate that conveyance losses range from 20% to 30%. The colossal wastage of water, not only decreases water for agricultural, industrial and domestic uses but also creates the problem of waterlogging and salinity. The irrigation system of Sindh province should be fashioned in such a manner that it may result in enhancement of crop yield and thereby increase in income of the parties associated with.

Water Sector is playing vital role to fulfill social, environmental and economic needs, however, no serious concentration has been paid on the Water Sector. Therefore, due to lack of better management of water resources, huge quantum of water has been losing from Indus River and irrigation network. The infrastructure of irrigation and drainage system is in very poor condition due to deferred maintenance over the period of time. Owing to silt deposition in the irrigation network of Sindh province has affected equitable and reliable distribution of water from head to tail reaches of irrigation system. Further demand of water of irrigation, industrial and municipal utilization has been increasing as in line with augment in Cultural Commanded Areas (CCA), development of industrial sector and growth in population. Therefore, there is hard need to prepare strategy of water resources management to save water from losses of irrigation network and to develop management of water for Sindh province.

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