Diamond is the clear choice for redclyffe yacht club case study


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Located in a particularly beautiful location on the River Frome, surrounded by water meadows and local footpaths, the Redclyffe Yacht club provides a haven for both members and visitors. There are many pleasant walks and tourist attractions within easy distance of the club, including the local town of Wareham.

The facilities at the clubhouse include showers and toilets. Over the years the club has continued to improve its facilities, most recently with the installation of a new wastewater treatment system.

The existing system was an old septic tank and could not cope with the high water table which resulted in the tank overflowing into the club's car park. Frequent emptying to prevent this happening was becoming inconvenient and costly to the club.

It was clear that the old septic tank needed to be replaced with a new system which could cope with the high water table and be discreet due to the location. Another important requirement was that new system had to be more efficient and would allow longer intervals between emptying.

Initially local drainage companies were approached by Bob Northover of Redclyffe Yacht Club, but none seemed able to offer a solution which could cope with nature of the location.

Then Mr Northover contacted WPL, a Hampshire based wastewater treatment plant manufacturer to find out if its range of products could solve their problem. WPL recommended their Diamond sewage treatment plant range and suggested a site visit by their local area representative would be beneficial.

Katherine Jennings of WPL visited the yacht club and then sent a proposal to Bob Northover recommending the Diamond DMS5-IPC model. This was specified based on the British Water Code of Practice for Flows and Loads, to ensure the plant would cope with the maximum wastewater produced by the yacht club so that it would not be overloaded during busy times. The Diamond is also fully compliant with Environment Agency permitting legislation, the mandatory European standard EN12566-3 and is odour free.

This model also has an integral pump chamber option, which was recommended for this site so the tank itself could be located below ground in an area above the water table to prevent the tank overflowing, and then the treated wastewater could be pumped to its discharge point.

A key issue raised by Katherine Jennings, but not mentioned by the other companies, was that the yacht club could apply to the Environment Agency for a consent to discharge (now called an Environmental Permit) so that the discharge point could actually be direct into the River Frome, eliminating the need for a soakaway which would require more site work and excavation to install. As the Diamond plant uses natural, biological treatment to 'clean' the wastewater to such a high quality, it can be safely discharged into the river without any risk of pollution whatsoever. This is only possible if an Environmental Permit has been issued by the E.A..

Katherine recommended a local company called Independent Drainage to Bob Northover, who would be able to supply and install the new treatment plant for them. It was critical that the installation was carried out swiftly and safely, allowing the footpath along the river to remain open, with minimal disruption to the club house. Independent Drainage were able to route the treated wastewater conveniently under the club house and then into the River Frome. As the tank itself is installed completely below ground, only a small, discreet, green lid remains visible.

Independent Drainage also assisted the club by completing their application to the E.A. for their Environmental Permit prior to the installation which was very helpful.

The Diamond plant requires very little maintenance as internally there are no moving parts, making it more reliable than other similar systems. As long as this maintenance is carried out as recommended by WPL, the tank will perform efficiently and therefore only require emptying every 2-3 years.

The result for Redclyffe Yacht Club is the convenience of a reliable, discreet system and the protection of the beautiful location for all to enjoy.

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