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Diamondhead, MS - 500,000 Gallon Torus Bottom Elevated Tank


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The Village of Diamondhead, MS was very fortunate to have received a high quality paint job when their tank was first constructed in 1976. In 2009 when Caldwell was selected to perform the work on this project, the original paint system was still in place on the exterior of the tank, with only overcoats having been applied on top of it. However, the years had taken their toll and the lead primer was becoming exposed on multiple areas of the tank surface as the finish coat finally gave way to the degrading effects of ultra violet radiation. The interior dry portions of the tank still had their original lead and aluminum paint system in place. While the interior wet portions were in need of repair. The tank also required multiple safety and sanitary upgrades in order to meet current OSHA and AWWA standards. (Click here to see photo)

The Village knew it was time to remove the threat of the lead based paint once and for all, and they wanted to be sure their next coating system lasted as long as the first.

Project Details

This 500,000 gallon single pedestal tank sits at an interesting and challenging location: the center of a roundabout in the middle of a golf community. While containment would have been necessary as part of the lead abatement requirements, the proximity of surrounding homes and passing traffic made containment a must. (Click here to see photo)

Caldwell crews mobilized to the site and installed the supporting outriggers on the roof of the tank followed by the bonnet cap and containment curtains. With the work area contained and secure, rehabilitation of the tank could begin. (Click here to see photo)

On the roof of the tank, a new vent was installed along with a 'corral' handrail system that allowed for safe, secure mounting of communications equipment. Conduit was run up the interior dry portions of the tank allowing installation of new SCADA, lighting, and communication power. Safety climb devices were installed on all ladders.

The exterior of the tank was abrasive blast cleaned in accordance with SSPC SP-6 Commercial Blast Cleaning to remove all existing paint, including the lead based primer. A zinc primer was applied following surface preparation, with an epoxy intermediate coating and high performance urethane finish coat to follow.

The interior dry portion of the tank was abrasive blast cleaned in accordance with SSPC SP-6 Commercial Blast Cleaning, removing the original lead and aluminum paint system. A two coat high build epoxy system was applied to these areas after surface preparation. (Click here to see photo)

The interior wet portions of the tank exhibited areas of isolated failure, and were damaged by the welding work performed on the roof. However, these jeopardized areas of coating represented less than 5% of the overall coating system on this portion of the tank. Caldwell was able to keep the cost of this project down by implementing an industry standard overcoat on the interior wet. The entire interior wet portion was abrasive blast cleaned in accordance with SSPC SP 7 Brush Off Blast Cleaning to remove and detrimental foreign matter and damaged or loosely adherent paint. With all of the jeopardized coating removed and the remaining coating properly scarified, the resulting exposed metal was spot primed with a high build NSF/AAWA approved epoxy lining. The entire interior wet area then received a complete coat of the same epoxy lining forming a new solid film. With a Caldwell maintenance program in place, these coatings will last the Village of Diamondhead decades.

As a final touch, Caldwell applied the elaborate Diamondhead Water logo to two sides of the tank so that community could see their investment in this vital asset every day as they drive through the roundabout. (Click here to see photo)

The unique challenges associated with this tank site, the fabrication of new steel parts for the roof, and implementation of a complex project in the middle a quiet, respected community are just a few of the aspects that led the owner to select Caldwell. Our unique capabilities, not only as a maintenance provider, but as a tank builder , allow us to execute the most complex projects smoothly. It's what we have done every day for over 125 years.

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