Diaphragm pumps for the Royal Mint's new effluent treatment plant


Courtesy of Serfilco International Ltd

SERFILCO's mission is to be a proactive partner for our customers and a leader within the industries we serve. To that end we continue to develop and manufacture state-of-the-art filtration, liquid handling and waste treatment equipment to help achieve the product integrity, quality and cost savings necessary for our customers to be competitive in the global marketplace.

When the Royal Mint required some pumps for their new effluent treatment plant, they naturally turned to SERFILCO, who have been a trusted supplier of pump and filter equipment to their on-site surface treatment engineering applications for over a decade. SERFILCO 1inch and 2inch air operated diaphragm pumps have now been installed across the new effluent treatment plant and will undertake a wide range of high and low pH, aggressive and dirty, chemical and effluent transfer duties. For the Royal Mint it is a convenient choice as these pumps can be serviced along with the multitude of SERFILCO centrifugal pumps and cartridge filtration systems that are commonly found across the Llantrisant plant.

For SERFILCO our first 50 years have been a learning experience during which time we have accumulated two generations of experience in meeting the needs of customers and solving problems with products that are the benchmark of our industry. Today at the start of our next half century we are looking forward to continuing in this role and continuing to contribute to the growth and satisfaction of customers such as the Royal Mint, so they can meet the challenges presented by the global market.

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