Diazinon plate statfax 303+ program set-up


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This technical bulletin is a guide for the installation of the Diazinon Plate Kit Protocol onto the StatFax 303 Plus Microwell photometer. Please refer to the StatFax 303 Plus User’s Manual for detailed instructions. Bold lettering indicates the StatFax screen display. [Brackets] denote keys.

1. Turn on the StatFax 303 Plus.
2. Press the [MULT] key on the keypad.
3. Regression Y/N: Press the [Yes] key.
4. Filter Selection: Press [2] key for 450nm, then [Enter]
5. Diff Filter Selection: Press [0] key for no filter, then [Enter]
6. Offset Abs Y/N: Press the [No] key.
7. Linear Y/N: Press [No] key until Log/Logit Y/N appears. Press [Yes] key.
8. Blank Y/N: Press [No] key.
9. Duplicates Y/N: Press [Yes] key.
10. Dup Calibrtr Y/N: Press [Yes] key.
11. Dup Sample Y/N: Press [Yes] key.
12. # of Cals: Press [4] key, then [Enter].
13. Done Y/N: Press [Yes] key.
14. Select Unit Y/N: Press [Yes] key.
15. Key Unit Code Number: Press [15] for none, then [Enter]. The instrument does not have a setting for parts per trillion (ppt). Please remember that the results are in ppt.
16. None Y/N: Press [Yes] key.
17. CAL 2: Press [30], then [Enter].
18. CAL 3: Press [100], then [Enter].
19. CAL 4: Press [500], then [Enter].
20. Off Curve Ok Y/N: Press [No] key.
21. Set Carrier (Strip A), Then Press Enter: Place the developed strip in the reader with the 0 ppb negative control facing into the instrument. This should line up with second grove on left. Wells will be read and results printed.
22. Plot Curve Y/N: Press [Yes] key.
23. Accept Curve Y/N: Press [Yes] key.
24. Set Carrier (Strip B), Then Press Enter
25. When all strips are read: Press the [ALT] key to save the protocol.
26. Save Test Y/N: Press [Yes] key.
27. Name Test Y/N: Press the [Yes] key.
28. Protocol Name: Enter “DIAZINON.” Scroll to letters using [4] and [6] keys and press [Enter]. Correct mistakes using [Clear] key. When finished press [Enter] a second time.
29. Saved as Test #XX: Make note of this number it will be used as test number in “Using a Saved Protocol” below.
Using a Saved Protocol
1. Press [Menu] key.
2. Select Test: Input test number, then [Enter].
3. Plot Curve Y/N: Press [No] key.
4. Stored Curve Y/N: Press [No] key.
5. Set Carrier, then press [Enter].
6. Place the developed strip in the reader as described in step 21 above.
7. Accept Curve Y/N: Press [Yes] key.
8. Insert next strip.

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