Die Casting


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

A sample of wastewater was received from firm in the south central region of the US. The client could not get sufficient flocculation, despite using 10 lbs. of another dry flocculating material. The sample had an initial pH of 6.5. The sample contained glycol, mineral oil emulsion, wax polymers and soap for cleaning the floor.

The sample was flocculated with Floccin K. The material formed a good flock, but the water was still slightly hazy.

The sample was then adjusted with base to a pH of 10, which cleared the water. Subsequent testing shows, that if the pH is adjusted to 9-10 and Floccin is added the material flocks well. The dosage appears to be approximately 6gms/liter or approximately 25 lbs/1000 gallons.

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