Diesel Manufacturer


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

The wastewater received was at a pH of 13.5+/- from the alkaline cleaners used in their cleaning process. Using carbon dioxide (gas, which forms carbonic acid in water), the pH was lowered to 7.5 after bubbling with a gas diffuser block for 4 hours (the wastewater was highly buffered). The wastewater was then ozonated for 24 hours and jartested using 0.283 grams of Floccin G in a 100 ml jar (which equates to about 25 lbs/1,000 gallons). The water has very high dissolved ions (EC = 32.1 mS and TDS = 19,800 ppm). The water leaves a salt residue on the glass and reuse will be a problem with blemishes and crystalline coatings on surfaces.

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