Diesel Oxidation Catalyst for Locomotive - Skagway-Alaska

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Courtesy of DCL International Inc.


A DCL catalytic converter was tested on a locomotive engine at Skagway, Alaska. The converter was found to have very good conversion efficiency of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and odor across the operating conditions.



The purpose of this test was to evaluate the emissions performance of a DCL catalytic converter unit installed on a passenger locomotive tractor. The locomotive is equipped with a single Alco 251B engine.  The engine is inline 6-cylinder diesel developing approximately 900 HP.



The ECOM-AC, a microprocessor based portable emission analyser has been used for this test. The analyser is capable of measuring NO, NO2, CO, O2, HC, Exhaust gas temperature, ambient temperature, and visible smoke emissions. An on-board printer allows vital parameters to be stored and printed at the touch of a button. The analyser has been calibrated before performing the tests.

Alco 251B diesel engine

Bore: 9.0”

Stroke: 10.5”

Power: 900 HP

Load bank (to simulate engine loading for repair and rebuild)

DCL catalytic converter


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