Diesel Spill on Roadway


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Diesel Spill on Roadway. A tractor trailer truck with a damaged saddle tank spilled 75+ gallons of diesel on frontage road of I-35 in Oklahoma City. After using Aqua N-Cap™ to absorb the pooled diesel, TERRACAP 3000/4000 additives were applied to the spill areas including a 2 foot wide by 100 yard long strip of roadway where diesel had soaked into the asphalt. Once the TERRACAP 3000 was applied, the residual diesel odor was eliminated.

RTA Systems returned to the spill scene two days after application of the TERRACAP 3000/4000 additives. A light rainfall had occurred that morning. There were no diesel sheens observed on standing rainwater in the gutter. The spill site was free from any diesel odor. A slight white silica residue was still evident on the street. One week after application, another visit was made to the site. Again no diesel odor or sheens were found. The street appearance was returned to normal although it was somewhat cleaner than the adjacent, untreated asphalt.

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