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Differed Draw Business: a new philosophy for small entrepreneurial ventures

Differing the business strategy with work culture oriented to improvise the product quality, the services, and working for customer-needs, benefits to the large extent. The philosophy – Differed Draw Business has been discussed with the formulation of a business equation. The definition of entrepreneurship states that it is matter, man and money dependent. Discovery of an idea, its exploitation is the matter-related. Organisation of efforts and manipulation is the man related activity. However, the creation of value is money related aspect. An indeterminate equation is formulated and solved to suggest six strategies, using the interface theory (see Appendix A). It suggests that the successful entrepreneurship is evidenced in maximisation of value which is made possible by highest focus on the quality of goods, services and customer needs. The changes with non reservation, pull-push gain strategy, reach-out to the people, time and quality consciousness are exemplified with certain case illustrations.

Keywords: business equation, differed draw business, DDB, interface theory, optimal strategies, entrepreneurship, business strategy, work culture

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