Difference Between Gum Removal Machines and Ordinary Steam Cleaners

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A gum removal machine can function as a steam cleaner but a steam cleaner cannot necessarily remove gum. A gum removal machine requires a specific set of features most steam cleaners are not equipped with. When you are looking for gum removal machines, ignore low end, home-use machines. Although these types are suitable for limited cleaning applications, they are not intense enough for removing tough, dry chewing gum.

One reason for the failure of ordinary steam cleaners is the pervasiveness of gum. A low end machine may remove a single or few wads of gum, but when you have to clean a large commercial complex, office building, mall, amusement park, theater, or similar area, these machines are not equipped with adequate power. A fast, durable, commercial gum removal machine, on the other hand, will remove thousands of pieces of gum per day (including old, blackened, hardened gum) without scratching, denting, or corroding the surface below.

Vacuum Extraction
Most home use machines are not equipped with a vacuum extraction mechanism. Without this feature, gum removal can be a tedious, long process and very unproductive. Vacuum extraction removes excess moisture and dirt particles from the surface, eliminating the need to manually scrape off gum residue once steam has loosened it. Wet vacuuming is an essential feature of commercial chewing gum removing machines.

Dry vacuum extraction is another type of vacuum extraction featured in high-end commercial steam cleaners. Dry extraction removes minute particles such as pollen and dander. This is done by using a HEPA filter equipped extraction chamber, which prevents particles from being re-released into the air after they have been trapped. Ordinary vacuum cleaners usually end up releasing allergens back into the air during the cleaning cycle, and therefore are not very efficient at removing dirt and airborne particles that cause respiratory illnesses.

Heat and Pressure Level
Temperature and pressure levels are two of the most important indicators of the power of commercial steam cleaners. High temperatures dissolve dirt more easily, and eliminate the need for repeated application of steam to the surface. Low end machines cannot attain high temperatures because of their design and quality of parts. Machines used to remove chewing gum removal should have durable stainless steel boilers, which can be self-cleaned and thereby reduce maintenance. Only commercial machines from reputable suppliers feature stainless steel boilers.

Chewing gum removing machines should also have stainless steel heating devices. The heating device should be detachable from the boiler so that it can be replaced easily when required. Large boiler volume ensures greater operating time.

Pressure levels as high as 125 psi are common in high end commercial chewing gum removing machines. Boiler pressure in ordinary steam cleaner is very unsteady, and you barely get ten minutes of nonstop operation before the boiler pressure decreases, heat is lost, and you need to stop, refill, and reheat. Machines designed for a chewing gum business, eliminate this problem by ensuring continuous refilling of the boiler, thus maintaining boiler pressure for hours as the machine works nonstop.

If you are planning to buy a gum removing machine for your chewing gum remover business, start by finding out which machines have the features mentioned above.

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