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Digital Asset Management facilitates compliance to NATA case study


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Typical mining company in Australia


Operations, Calibrations, Maintenance & Reporting of air quality monitoring data to NATA requirements


An international mining company operates a large open cut mine in close proximity to a neighbouring town.

The environment protection licence requires the company who owns the mine site to monitor a variety of gaseous and particulate criteria pollutants in ambient air. The licence also states that all operations including calibration, maintenance and reporting services should be performed by a NATA accredited organisation.

Our Solution

Ecotech is NATA accredited for continuous monitoring of ambient air, meteorological monitoring, blast monitoring, calibration services and also industrial emissions (CEMS) monitoring. This mining client  has the advantage to contract one company (Ecotech) to provide NATA accredited services across a range of monitoring disciplines.

Ecotech deploy its local team of trained and experienced field services engineers and technicians. The local team are supported by the Melbourne headquarters where dedicated service, NATA accredited Environmental Reporting Services (ERS), R&D, Systems Engineering, main stores, Testing & QA as well as administration departments reside.

Ecotech field staff are equipped with Ecotech’s own industry leading software (AMS) to manage site assets, test equipment and associated maintenance tasks in accordance with Australian Standards and NATA requirements.

AMS is configured for each monitoring location and used as a scheduled maintenance and calibration management tool. The client maintenance staff is trained by Ecotech and is responsible to perform first level maintenance under direction of the experienced Ecotech technical team and more complex maintenance and calibration tasks are performed on-site by Ecotech technical staff.

All maintenance and calibration activities are logged and tracked in AMS. AMS therefore facilitates collaboration between client and Ecotech in performing O&M and calibration in accordance with NATA requirements.

The Outcome

The collaborative approach in performing NATA accredited services in remote locations has the following advantages for the client:

  • VERSATILITY: Due to wide array of Ecotech’s NATA accreditation, pre-qualified and inducted Ecotech service technicians are able to provide services to various departments across the mine site (water, air, dust, blast, noise etc.).
  • AVAILABILITY: As Ecotech technical staff visits the site on a regular basis for scheduled maintenance and training tasks, they are frequently available to the mine to address unscheduled maintenance or repairs.
  • ECONOMY: As the Ecotech technician(s) are already on a planned roster to visit site, multiple tasks to various departments are combined saving on unnecessary travel (flight) costs. The client also does not have to invest in establishing and maintaining NATA accreditation for the services.
  • CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS: Due to the collaborative nature of this approach, maintenance contracts can be customised to suit clients’ needs for both NATA and non NATA accredited tasks.
  • TROUBLE FREE CAPABILITY: Ecotech takes care of all processes in the background with the help of AMS software allowing the client to focus on their core business. For example, Ecotech accepts responsibility for keeping calibration and test gear in calibration, keeping spares and consumables or swap out equipment on hand as may be required.

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