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Digital groundwater measuring network Doetinchem council - Case Study


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Project name

Digital groundwater measuring network Doetinchem council


Doetinchem council


The Netherlands

Background and objective

In the framework of the Municipal Water Management Act (Wet gemeentelijke watertaken) in combination with the water framework directive, Doetinchem council wanted to digitally manage the existing groundwater measuring network and at the start of 2011 this wish was transformed into a project. In principle, research was done into the feasibility of using the existing monitoring wells and expanding this with new monitoring wells. This research was summarised in an extensive requirement specification that serves as the basis for the entire project.

What did Eijkelkamp supply

Forty seven measurement locations were set up and equipped with an e-SENSE level monitoring well modem for Doetinchem council. This modem, in combination with a pressure transducer in the monitoring well, records the correct rise height in relation to mean sea level. Every day the data is automatically sent to the council's central main station. The same data is also automatically sent to the DINO database via the TNO DINO format. The manager thus receives new data every day and thereby easily manages the measurement network. For validation and alarms, parameters are set up that are processed in the software.

Doetinchem council about Eijkelkamp

Bas Berends, Roads and Sewers Advisor of Doetinchem council reports: 'The start-up meeting went well. Eijkelkamp listened to our wishes and translated these beautifully into the design plan 'Expansion and automation of the groundwater measurement network of Doetinchem council'. The project has run successfully right up to the present.'

Ruben Pot, Senior Account Manager of Eijkelkamp:

'Every client receives a bespoke service and can expand in the future if desired. As a result, unnecessary costs do not have to be incurred. The customer is in a good position to make choices and set priorities.' Both customers are satisfied that a good, well-functioning measurement network will be in place after the completion of the project.

Customer comments

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