Direct contact heat transfer using No. 2 Type-K Tellerette® Tower Packing

A customer with a sulfuric acid reclamation facility needed to cool a saturated air stream or closed loop process operation. The 10,000 CFM air stream at 165° F. had to be cooled to 110°F. The existing equipment was only able to achieve 125°F. Cooling liquid availability included a large quantity of processed water at 110°F and a smaller amount of city water at 55°F. Verantis recommended retrofitting the existing tower with a multiple bed design using our No. 2 Type-K Tellerette® Tower Packing. The customer’s existing 72” diameter tower was modified to accommodate two packed beds with independent spray headers. The first bed is 6’-0” deep with a 450 GPM spray header utilizing plant water at 110° F. The second bed is 12” deep bed with a 40 GPM spray header utilizing city water at 55° F. The Tellerette® packing was provided in glass filled polypropylene construction to provide additional structural insurance for possible temperature upsets to 200°F. Actual tested outlet gas temperature was 105°F exceeding design expectations by 5 degrees. The Tellerette’s unique design creates interstitial drip points that constantly renew the interface between the cooling water and the saturated air stream providing both optimum heat and mass transfer.

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