Direct Dewatering from Oxidation Ditch (Africa)

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Development of proper sanitation or wastewater treatment has been a critical issue in Africa for prevention of almost any types of infectious diseases. Generally, anywhere in the world, the keys for the successful wastewater treatment system is choosing the appropriate solids removal and dewatering technology and achieving the acceptable quality of water for discharge. However, the high construction cost for a quality wastewater treatment plant has been one of the problems that concerned local authorities in South Africa, like in any other countries in Africa.


One solution AMCON proposes is “Direct Dewaterring from Oxidation Ditch (OD) reactor tanks.” Volute Dewatering Press, developed by AMCON, standardized such unique application in Japan with more than 200 references.

With its unique design, Volute Dewatering Press takes sludge with solid concentration as low as 0.2%, eliminating the construction of thickening and storage tanks otherwise needed for solids removal by other conventional dewatering equipments.


First application of direct dewatering from oxidation ditch in Africa was realized by Volute in a sewage treatment plant in South Africa in 2007. Among many benefits of such applications, elimination of the construction costs for the pre-thickening tanks are greatly appreciated by local authorities. Now they specify Volute Dewatering Press as a required dewatering press for their following projects by saying, “The dewatering unit shall be the Volute Dewatering
Press …without any pre-thickening.” AMCON has been now expanding this problem-solution system worldwide.

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