Direct fired thermal oxidizer - Aluminum manufacturer


Courtesy of Epcon Industrial Systems, LP

Epcon has extensive experience in designing and building Air Pollution Control Systems for the Aluminum Industry.

The Problem

The company had a direct fired afterburner and a gas fired rotary kiln. The kiln would de-oil the aluminum scrap and the offgas would go to the afterburner. The design of the system was over 20 years old and very fuel ineffficient.  

The Process

They were burning nearly 20mbtu an hour of natural gas. The existing afterburner was approximately 4 times oversized and with limited turn-down. Epcon evaluated the process and came up with a properly sized more efficient afterburner.

The Solution

Epcon provided a direct fired afterburner with secondary heat exchanger which provided 1000°F air back to the kiln and allowed the removal of the burner from the kiln . This allowed the removal of the 10mbtu/hr. that was being used in the kiln. Due to the nature of the process, a highly efficient cyclone was added to remove the particulate prior to being introduced into the afterburner. This was to prevent particulate matter from building up in the secondary heat exchanger.

The Benefits

Reduced fuel consumption from 20mbtu/hr. to 8mbtu/hr. This resulted in approximately $2,000 per day savings in fuel consumption.

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