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Directional Technologies, Inc. conducts unique horizontal remediation well installation in Railroad Yard


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The Issue

The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Morris Park Yard, located at the Intersection of Atlantic Avenue and 121st Street in Queens, New York, is a historic rail yard with one of the only operating turntables in the USA. The Morris Park Yard has been used to repair and refuel engines for over 100 years. Today, it continues to serve one of the nation’s busiest regional rail lines.

LIRR developed a remediation plan to address non-aqueous phase petroleum hydocarbons in response to demands from local and state regulatory authorities. LIRR selected in situ bioremediation as the remedy for the hydrocarbon constituents at and above the water table. Bioamendment fluid was to be introduced into the subsurface by some means that allowed infiltration into the hydrocarbon-impacted vadose zone. The target area is covered with a dense network of railroad tracks. The target depth is less than four feet deep. The narrow corridors between railroad tracks do not allow installation of vertical injection wells

Long Island Road in Queens, NY had put a bid out requiring an injection piping gallery be trenched through the rail yard at a depth of 4 feet. DTI was contacted by Franklin Environmental to bid on the required track crossings. During the site walk we asked why are they trenching through the rail yard and the response was “can you drill the whole project”. We bid the project per the specification and after the award Franklin Environmental requested a meeting with the Rail Road to explain the directional drilling method of installation. Their response was they had to have their engineer review the method. During one of the meetings we asked how the pipe needed to be slotted and what the required injection rates and pressures were they looking for. This prompted more questions and more meetings about drilling methods and drilling fluids. In the end Long Island Rail Road excepted not just the installation method but asked for a total redesign of the screen.

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