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Directives towards a sustainable urban rehabilitation process in old cities

The main goal of this work is to support, scientifically, the urban rehabilitation decisions to Coimbra's historic downtown (a traditional Portuguese city) under a sustainable construction perspective. This paper presents the ten main issues to find a solution on sustainable urban rehabilitation, according to the existing experiences and concepts. The main aspects of sustainability were analysed on two levels: the urban and the building. Furthermore, they were compared with the guidelines of several urban interventions and it was possible to outline a general structure of intervention. This case study is supported by a local research program on inspection and appraisal, concerning construction technology, building defects, architectural and social characterisation, of about 800 buildings. It contributes to define intervention strategies in old areas of Portuguese cities, with a constant concern to tailor solutions and proposals to the existing reality in terms of physical, social and cultural characteristics.

Keywords: sustainable development, urban rehabilitation, sustainable construction, Portugal, sustainability, old cities

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