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Discrete crack sectional analysis for shear evaluation of RC beams

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The use of spiral links for preventing diagonal failures in beams will enable designers to utilise transverse reinforcement geometry for a better confinement effect. However, to develop such model it is essential that better understanding of the actual structural behaviour of beams with different transverse shear reinforcement configuration is reached. This can be achieved by looking further into the concepts of shear transfer mechanisms and by investigating the influence of the spiral geometry on the level of shear contribution. This paper provides an analytical method based on equilibrium of sectional analysis for predicting the shear load capacity and the mode of failure for beams reinforced with spiral links under different spiral configurations.

Keywords: shear transfer mechanisms, spiral reinforcements, sectional crack analysis, shear evaluation, reinforced concrete beams, diagonal failures, beam failure, structural engineering, transverse reinforcement geometry, confinement effect, spiral geometry, shear load capacity, failure mode

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