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Disinfection By-Products (DBP) Compliance through Pre-treatment for TOC Removal


Over the last few years, utilities have adjusted their existing processes to reduce the formation of DBPs in order to comply with the Stage 1 DBP Rule. With Stage 2 looming in the near future, many utilities have nothing left to optimize in order to minimize DBP peaking in the distribution systems.

A non-chemical treatment process was developed in response to the need to remove greater amounts of TOC from water supplies to prevent problems associated with DBPs. The MIEX® System is an ion exchange pre-treatment process specifically targeted for removal of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) compounds, such as humic and fulvic acids, from drinking water supplies. These negatively-charged ions are removed from water by exchanging with a chloride ion on active sites on the resin surface. This resin has demonstrated the ability to remove the low molecular weight fraction of TOC that cannot be removed by coagulation; therefore allowing lower treated water TOC levels to be achieved.

Many downstream operational benefits are realized once organic matter is removed prior to coagulation such as:

• Reduced chemical doses to achieve turbidity removal, therefore less sludge production, and less pH adjusting chemicals.

• More stable, faster settling floc.

• Ability to continue using free chlorine for disinfection, while producing less DBPs.

This presentation will discuss the applicability of MIEX® pre-treatment for achieving DBP compliance without changing downstream processes. The results of testing on several waters in and around South Carolina are discussed.

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